Printability: Text, Logo, Date / Time, Expiry date, Julian date, Counter / Box/lot, Shift code and Static barcode

B1040H Thermal Inkjet Coders


Bluetooth connection via smartphones and tablets using Android operating systems

B1040 Thermal Inkjet Coders


Battery life: Up to 5 hours
Messages Length: Support up to 1 meter with 150 characters/ line

B1040H Thermal Inkjet Coders


Anti-shock mounting mechanism: greatly reduces the risk of damage from the manufacturing environment.
Bluetooth connectivity allows usage with Android smartphones and tablets.

1200 Thermal Inkjet Coders


Resolutions: 600x600dpi
Print speed: 152m/min @ 300x300dpi
Optical density: 3 levels
Stand-alone operation with RYNAN Technologies software

1200e Thermal Inkjet Coders


Free Template Design: Powerful template design with PC software
Font: Windows True Fonts
Database Support: SQL, ACCESS, EXCEL, CSV, TEXT, etc.

1200e Thermal Inkjet Coders

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